Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year…

That’s the song that had been playing on TV recently, and little milkie has been singing and repeating all day long, especially when she’s doing her advent calendar activities!


So far so good. This year seems better than the last as we managed to do most of it albeit with some failures. Here’s what we’ve done last week, doing up the Christmas tree in our house! In case you were wondering why there are 2 trees, well, one is at their grandparent’s house (the advent calendar) and this is at our own. (o^.^o)


Other than just hanging up the Christmas ball ornaments, I got little milkie to fold the origami stars. It’s a tad difficult so I simply had to help a little here and there. But I’ve always like the idea of exposing them to origami. Little milo is there too to join in the fun, crumpling up his paper! Still, he seems excited to be part of it!

Here’s what it looks like after it’s complete.


And we hung them on the tree…


Went round with the lights…


And our not so big Christmas tree is up!


The Lazy Way to Decorate a Christmas Wreath

It’s Thursday! How are you feeling today? I sure hope yours is better than mine!


It had been a tough week. From little milo being sick, till it spread to the grandmother, and then now it’s my turn. What’s even worse was when the lappie decided to call it quits at such timing!

I’ve been cracking my head to think of means and ways to prevent any delay in our activities. So let’s hope I manage to get a new computer up and running asap!


Anyhow, this is the first time where I bought a Christmas wreath. Instead of getting one that was decorated, I chose to decorate it in the easiest and fastest way!

So here’s what I bought from Daiso. A Christmas wreath and a pack of decorated pegs (8 in a pack).


Simply clip it all around, spreading it out evenly. For young children like little milo, there might be some difficulty in opening the pegs. Good for training motorskills.


Within minutes, it’s done! Our Day 2 activity.

Little Santa’s Here!

It’s our favourite time of the year again! So how have you been? Yup, we took a loooooong hiatus due to our schedules and now that we are (more or less) settled down, let’s hope we can continue where we left off. And what better time to restart again than during the Christmas season!

And YES! Mommy had planned out the countdown to Christmas, bringing little Santa (bought from Daiso) to join in the fun!

To start it off, we need to build our advent calendar and Christmas tree. I’ve decided to use these nice coloured paper with different designs on both side (which I bought from Daiso again!) and fold it into triangular pyramids to form the tree.


Here’s the simple instructions:


Fold the square paper into half, and then the other side half again to get the “lines”. Then fold one of the diagonal into half. Do note that the folding of the diagonals and the rectangle half is in OPPOSITE direction. All these “lines” will make the following steps easier.


Next, fold the 4 corners towards the middle (top left picture). Open it up and as shown in the top right picture, fold the paper in half and fold down the diagonal line in it. For the 3 flaps, simply fold it in.


To note, there isn’t any base for this pyramid. You can stack them up and it does looks a bit like Christmas tree too!


Little milkie helped to fold some of the pyramids as well as write out the numbers too!


And then we pasted the pyramids onto the wall, at 2 edges, so that I can slot the ‘instructions’ of each day at the other side of the triangle. As the paper is very light, I only use normal scotch tape.

After some simple decorations and we are done!


Say HELLO! Let’s start counting down!


Picnic @ East Coast Park

This post should have been written two weeks ago! That’s how busy the mom is because she had almost forgotten about it due to all the things that she had to think about! Hang in there, it should get better by the end of the month. Everything is in chaos right now. Lol.

Anyway this is a throwback post on the last minute picnic that little milkie had requested. As we were so busy with our new house, we didn’t have the time to bring her and little milo out during the one week school holiday. So when she mentioned that she wanted to go for a picnic, I thought why not, especially when it happened to be a holiday for the enrichment class.

It was funny yet horrible. Little milkie was so excited that she slept real early the night before like around 9pm (her usual timing is around 11pm). The thing is, she woke up REAL early too, both her and little milo, at 4am, saying that she wanted to prepare the sandwich. Of course I rejected and asked her to go back and sleep again. She did, but I did not really go back to sleep.

At 7am, after giving up on trying, I decided to start preparing first. That was when she woke up again. How I wished she was so enthusiastic when she goes to school!


So there we go, preparing some simple snacks. Little milkie helped to pluck and wash the grapes and cut the bread, while little milo helped to dry the grapes (and he thoroughly enjoyed it!).


When we reached East Coast Park, before I put my things down, little milkie had already ran off with her beach toys followed by her grandma.


Little milo followed but insisted on going back to the shelter. Apparently, he dare not really walked on the sand! And this basically means that mommy is going to bring him to the beach more often! Lol.


Here’s the small sandwiches that we prepared, with ham and cheese, and peanut butter and nutella.


This little boy is definitely more interested in food than any other thing!


After some rest, we did manage to get the boy back on the sand and get his feet dirty.


And I think this is the part where she enjoyed the most for she rarely get the chance to cycle (though it’s a 4-wheeled) when she is well-protected by her grandparents. Oops.


And that is the photo I took, after brisk walking behind her for the past 30 minutes. It sure was a great workout for me too!


Just when I thought that the both of them will knock out once they are in the car, they surprised me and were so hyper throughout the journey to our next destination – a shopping mall!

Yup, that was our picnic. We sure had fun! But here’s a tip:

After the trip, go home and have a good rest before going out again. Since they were so full of energy, we went shopping till evening before we headed home. 2 days later, little milo got sick. Haa…

He is now sick again after just recovering like a week back. I do home he fully recovers soon!

The Snowskin Mooncake

Wow! I can’t quite remember when was my last post! It had been a real busy month with an even busier month ahead! Time seems to have zoomed past…

But in spite of those, I managed to squeeze out some time to try making snowskin mooncake! It’s going to be my first time so I ain’t sure how will it turn out. Anyway, visited Phoon Huat during one of my lunch time and I realised that they had everything pre-mixed together!


Here’s what I bought from there:- Snow skin premix (that comes with the instructions), shortening and the paste. I bought the sugar free (for diabetes) white lotus paste since my parents and aunties doesn’t like it too sweet. Oh yes, though it says sugar free but there actually is some kind of sugar inside.


So after measuring out the ingredients, we proceeded with mixing it up based on the instructions on the packet. I only took a quarter of it to try out as I didn’t want the whole packet to go to waste if I made any mistake.


There she goes mixing it and it was horrible. Why? The instructions say to mix premix with water, then followed by the shortening and colours. Bad way. The shortening ended up took a long while to mix with the dough. And the colours doesn’t blend well either.


It took us a long while before we get to roll out the ready dough.

And here is our mooncake from our first attempt!


Cut it open and the grandma was like, “How can the skin be that thick?!”


Thus on another day, we tried again. And I am pretty sure we improved by tons! In case if you want the snowskin to be thin, weigh the dough to be around 15g, while the paste is about 26g to 30g. Mix the premix with shortening first, before the water and colouring. It will be a bliss!


Looks nice? Here’s our rabbit, dog and cow mooncake! Let’s hope I got the time to make the 12 zodiacs!