Messy Painting!

As I wrote this, a thought suddenly dawns on me. There really is a difference between the things you do when you only have one child compared to two or more. I remember I used to do more messy painting with little milkie but with little milo, I think he only tried it once. Perhaps its also due to the age. Though I am still not THAT old, I do feel a difference in the energy level between now and 3 years back.

Since the mom is sick (and still is), she shall continue to keep a distance and sit somewhere nearby to take some pictures while the kids play with the paint! ^^


And I am soooo glad that we did! Can you see the expression on little milo’s face when he first touched the paint and print it on the paper? He was totally ecstatic! Laughing happily as he does finger printing on the paper, his shirt and legs!


And then showing it to us when he’s got different colours on his fingers!


And little milkie only seems interested in mixing the colours and painting herself purple today. Her grandmother had to stop her from painting her whole arm!


They could have went on and on had the grandmother not came out to prevent more ‘damage’ done (paintings on the clothings, hands, arms, face and legs).

Nonetheless they had lots of fun with this. It’s easy to prepare, just a little tiresome to clean up.

Once in a while, let your children have a chance to play messily and explore the paints and textures. There’s actually a lot of benefits to it!

Well, it’s the school holidays now, time to take a break and have some fun!

Magical Ribbon Wand

Abracadabra! Let me have 48 hours a day!

How I wish I have that amount of time… to spent time with my family and children, to do the things that I love, at the same time to work (the same number of hours) for money.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be happening but nonetheless it doesn’t mean that I have to remove those magical from the kids. After all they are kids and they ought to have some imagination!

Luckily, I managed to dug up some items from my trash area! I called it trash because it really is like a trash area now. Will have to find some time to clear it up but I’ll leave the details for another day.


So now, I got myself 2 thin sticks (you can use a thicker one to replace it), 4mm ribbons, double sided tape, scissors and craft glue.


I started by wrapping the sticks with ribbon. Securing it with the tape at the start and end.


Then I cut some ribbons. 3 for me, of different colours and about 60cm long.


Folded into half and use the end to go through the loop. Remember to put the stick between it and secure it with either the tape or craft glue.


Repeat for the other ribbons and you are done! Let’s do some Magic now!