If there are things that you had been procrastinating, it’s time to do it now! 3 more months before the start of a new year!

“I can & I will.”

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Tsum Tsum Keychains!

It’s perler beads again! And this time we are making keychains for Teachers’ Day! Had wanted to make the coin bank but it proves to be too much work.


This time round, we use the circle template as the mommy insisted on making the Disney Tsum Tsum version.


I took more photos this time round to show how it was done. As per mentioned on the previous blog, put the beads at the respective place. Then place a wax paper over it and iron across till the beads melt and stick together. Then remove the wax paper.

Take note not to over melt the beads.


The picture on top shows the 2 different sides. Once cooled, punch a hole using those small screwdrivers, and hook to a keychain.


Here’s part of my trash after burning 2 days of midnight oil! (Little M&M has got quite a number of teachers… -.-”)


It’s fun playing with these. Little milkie continues to enjoy it too. She even refused to follow the designs I found on the Internet and create her own designs! Good time to unleash that little bit of creativity!

Perler Beads Coin Bank

It’s time for some perler beads craft! The mom had just bought a tub of perler beads from IKEA because of the pastel colours! For those who never frequent IKEA Tampines, FYI, there are the pastel coloured ones and if you want it, better get it fast before the stocks run out! I’m not too sure if it’s for a period of time or not but till now, I still hasn’t seen it at the Alexandra branch yet.


For the benefits of those who hasn’t played before. Perler beads are basically small rubbery beads (like those cut from rubber tubes). What you need to do is based on a design (which you can find tons in Google), put the beads according to its position and colours.


And today we are going to make a coin bank! So I showed little milkie the design and asked her to count the coloured squares and place it on the board.


It really is a training of the motorskills but watch out, this is not for the too young as they might just put it inside their mouth. I had to keep fending little milo off as he has the tendency to put things inside his mouth, still.

What’s more, the children need to count too. And little milkie had been putting her hand in the whole tub (sensory) to search for the colours she wanted (sorting)!


So after the picture is done, put the wax paper on top of the picture and iron lightly until the beads melt and stick together as follows.


As we wanted to make a cube coin bank, we made 6 pieces in all, of which there are 2 pieces for each “shape” so that we can lock them together.


This is the final product! Do remember to be gentle with it as it can break off quite easily and will be difficult to put it back again, which means you will have to redo again.

For those who are wondering about the price. IKEA is selling the beads at $9.90 per tub and $2.90 for the boards which consist of 4 pieces.

Have fun! We will most probably do another round soon!

HUH? Milo Dinosaur?!

Children are really cute and innocent. I was reading a book to the kids, titled “Tyrannosaurus Drip” last night. And after I finished, little milkie commented that she’s hungry. So I asked her if she wants a “Milo dinosaur”. She didn’t know what that was and asked how can a dinosaur be made of milo?!

And so I told her to wait in the living room while I took out her cup and the tin of milo…


Then I put 2 teaspoons of milo powder, followed by hot water and mixed it. Added normal water and ice cubes, and lastly, milo powder on top!


Tada! She gave me a ‘duh’ look before happily eating and drinking her new drink. It’s funny at times to see their face like that.

Long way to go girl! Expect the unexpected! *LOL*


Yummy? Yummy! I made one for myself late last night too! ^^

TGIF! ❤❤❤