Canopi Glamping @ Bintan

Got back home one evening, and started looking through the photos in my mobile. What have we done since the start of this year? And then I caught a glimpse on some of the photos that we took at a short trip to Canopi Glamping @ Bintan a few months back. So it’s time for some throwbacks!

There we go, on a trip with my college friends and their family! The idea of us (my college friends and I) going on our first trip together after knowing each other for 20 years is enough to excite me. What’s even greater? Their children are going too! I’ve always like the idea of a big group of people going on a trip, where there’s a mixture of children and adults. It definitely is more fun than just a family of 4, at least for me.

Anyway, it didn’t take that long for the children to start to mix together. It’s a pity that little milo couldn’t join us as he had a fever on the very morning that we left for the trip.


It’s the first time that little milkie took the ferry and so she was a little excited. Look! Her hair was still long then! And I somewhat misses her long hair where I can tie her hair up differently. Let’s hope she decides to keep her hair long again! *fingers crossed*


Since it will take about 45 minutes at least for the ferry to reach Bintan, I brought some notebook and crayons for her to “kill” some time.


And here’s her masterpiece! Walking in the rain! *LOL*


This time round, under the advice from the organiser, we took the premium ticket and WOW. When we reached the ferry terminal at Bintan, I realised that we actually have the priority to alight from the ferry first! It somewhat felt nice in the sense that we don’t have to squeeze that badly but at the same time it feels weird. And it sure reminded me of all those movies where when there’s some crisis or in the olden days, the rich will get to move first (Was it Titanic?). Okay, wait, I am not rich (monetary-wise), definitely *Lol*.

Anyhow, we got out of the checkpoint quite fast and a bus came to fetch us shortly. When we reached, I was like WOW (again).


An extremely big pool of water right in front of us, which I was rather excited to examine if its real or man-made.


The place was beautiful, with rows of tent-like rooms on one whole stretch along the pool.


This little girl wanted to go and swim immediately (and of course that’s not really possible).


 One of her buddies for the next few days. A very cool sister!


There wasn’t much things to eat at that place. In fact, that seems like one of the 2 restaurants at that area.


And here’s the gang and their families! This usual group of friends are bigger than this. A tad sad that a few others couldn’t make it for this trip. Otherwise I think it will be even more fun!


Their fish and chips which wasn’t too bad. Too slow to take the photos of other food as I was simply famished. The body needs the food more than the phone!


So that’s the door of where we stay. Standalone “tent”. I still remember that I told my colleague that I wouldn’t want to go for such glamping ‘cos that seems to defeat the purpose of camping. But here I am… LOL.


See! Does this look like camping to you?


Not the least bit for me. But anyhow, the room was quite spacious! There’s the bed, as well as this sofa where there’s a pull-out bed!


Another interesting thing is their bathroom. It’s open-air! But don’t worry, there’s still a wall. It’s just that the green area that you see in the photos, is opened (no roof top).


Yeah, you’ve got it! An outdoor personal bathroom!


Without further ado, we dropped the luggage and OFF we go! (Or else little milkie will “nag die me”)


Here’s the pool. After close examine, it sure is a fake one though we kept debating if the water is sea water or something else? Why? It’s EXTREMELY salty. The floor is fake, just FYI. Just some metal or not-too-sure what is the material. But it had been made to have similar texture as the sand. Yes, it’s quite rough so got to be a little careful not to get scratches from it.

But otherwise, the pool has A LOT of fun items which you can rent at a price (they have a price list).


We swam for a while before we washed up to take our dinner.


It was an outdoor barbeque buffet dinner.


What can you expect? BBQ food. For that price, maybe it’s not that worth it. But when there’s hardly much to eat there, you simply have to try at least once to see if you can go back again.


The buddies jr. Looks so cute together! It’ll be so interesting if we have those annual trip together!


We went to the other side of the long stretch of lagoon the next day. Thankfully it was cloudy when we went.


We took the bumboat and had such a fun time chasing and shooting each other with the water guns. If only their water guns work. *Wishing it was super-soaker (if it still exists)*


Had lunch at the other restaurants. This was the same place where we had our free breakfast, though it was available at the other restaurant too.


There’s a small playground just outside here, with some swings and slide.


Love this fish. Food wasn’t too bad.


Taking a selfie together while going back to the other side of the lagoon. That is the troublesome part. But on the other hand, we’ve got transport!


And look what we found! Definitely some place where the kids can spend their time when the weather ain’t good.


And here’s one of the outdoor activities for the kids. Am very thankful that a friend’s wife took little milkie out to play all these!


Here’s the look of a very happy kid after 3 days of fun!


We did go for a firefly tour but it was too dark and so I couldn’t get any pictures with my Note 8.

Well, definitely a nice place to sit back and relax, especially at night when all the children are asleep. Wouldn’t mind going there again but for now, we are so looking forward to our holiday next week! Shall update again! ^^