6 Reasons Why You Should Not Let a Pre-schooler Watch Scary Movie

It was a normal scary Saturday night. The mother and father happily prepared themselves for the “Train to Busan” (Gong Yoo!!!!) that will be shown on TV soon. Little milkie insisted that she wanted to watch too and so we reluctantly agreed. Bad, bad, very BAD decision.

Here’s 6 reasons why you should NOT let a pre-schooler watch a scary movie…

1. They Think that it is Real

I’m not saying that it’s not and that it won’t ever happened (in the future) but I know that at this point there isn’t any that I know or heard of. But to them, it’s real! She’s even asking what happened if there’s a zombie now wanting to bite her! And I had to spend the time to explain to her (regardless of whether she understood or not), on the possibility of a zombie becoming real.

2. Your Bed will be Invaded

Two is comfortable. Three is just nice. Four is definitely crowded. Little milo usually only invaded our bed early in the morning. But now, I’ve got little milkie sleeping on our bed throughout because she is scare… really scare… (and we don’t really want her to wake up alone crying).

3. Nightmares are Bad

Yup, I agreed, nightmares are bad but getting a shock and waking up in the middle of the night a few times, isn’t any better. And not to mention for consecutive nights. *a panda-looking mommy staring at the screen*

4. Sudden Sobs

When the night or darkness comes, suddenly so does the sobs, out of nowhere! And you will be wondering WHY? O.o? Only to realise that it’s due to the scary movie a feeeeew days ago (soon to be a week). What’s worse? She puked after the cries, and you have to clean up the mess…

5. Stick to You Like Glue

When the night comes, everywhere you go, she goes. Everywhere she wants to go, you go. So that there won’t be any zombie jumping out of nowhere to attack her!

6. Making a Dream Catcher

This was definitely unexpected when she complained that she got nightmares in our house instead of her grandma’s house because I never hang any dream catcher at the window. Of course to calm her down, I agreed to make one… and so… let’s be quick with this, and go to bed.


… and then you dig up your photos, and suddenly missed those decorations you made for Halloween previously…

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