X’mas Pop Up Cards

Ho ho ho, how’s your December coming along? Ours are busy and busy. Had been keeping the kids busy with the advent calendar activities when mommy is back home. At the same time, the small little ‘presents’ (Lego theme this year), are keeping them real busy too in the afternoon too!

Had gotten little milkie to start writing letters, the-seem-to-be-forgotten-method-of-communicating, to a few of her friends since she won’t be seeing them so often when she goes Primary school next year. With Christmas approaching, it’s time to make something and send it through snail mail!


So there we go, doing some simple pop-up cards using a piece of paper. I cut and paste while she decorated the cards with my newly bought silver and gold Sharpies.


It’s interesting at times to see how creative a kid can go (or not go). Comparing the two siblings, little milo don’t seem to show any sort of creativity at all. *LOL*


Unlike little milkie who always amazes me with her drawings + story (tho’ some are really, totally illogical).


Here’s the first one! A few more to go. Wonder if her little brother wants to do too. Hmm…




… and outside…


The Three Elves

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s finally December! Our favourite month of the year, and we hope it’s yours too.

As always, since a few years back, I got inspired by some online blogs and decided to create the advent calendar for the kids, in the form of a storyline. This year is no difference, and so here comes, THE THREE ELVES!

But first, we have got to make it! Here’s what we use: yarns, wooden balls, small beads, felt cloth, cotton wool, craft glue and last but not least, the tools required to make pom pom.


This activity is definitely too difficult for a 3 years old, so after attempting to go round the pom pom tool for a few minutes, I ended up helping little milo for the rest of it.


Even little milkie took a while…


But eventually she got the hang of it, and finished her pom pom ball.


There we go, all 3 of them. One for the mommy, one for little milkie, and one for little milo. Can you guess who choses which colour?


What’s the next step? Using the wooden bead, put some glue on it and stick it to the pom pom ball. Press and hold for a while, then let it dry so that it doesn’t drop off.


Then stick the nose to the wooden ball (a.k.a. the head) and again, let it dry for a while.


Gently stick some cotton wool (the beard) and draw the eyes.


Cut out a shape of a quadrant and rolled it to a cone shape (the hat). Stick it and let dry.


Lastly, stick the hat to the head!


Our elves for 2018!

Look out for some other activities that we will be doing soon!