Celebrating Milo’s 4th Birthday with Snorlax

It’s Little Milo’s 4th birthday! Our cute little chubby baby has grown taller and slimmer! And this time, he has decided to celebrate it with his long time little chubby buddy, the Snorlax!


It wasn’t really that easy to find Snorlax’s cake topper at such last minute, so mommy decided to take up the challenge and made it herself. Thankfully (phew!), it turns out still not too bad. Lol.


We had our celebration at the usual place – the corridor with our big extended family. His aunt managed to buy some Snorlax drink from Taiwan too! But I would say, it tasted a little weird. So for taste wise, skip it unless it’s for the collection purpose.


Here’s little Milo with his signature pose, and his doggy present. Godmom has a new puppy, named Toby, and every kid wants a dog now! But mommy is scare (+sensitive nose), so sorrrrry…


We played treasure hunt again, with a slight twist. Since little Milo never join in, the 2 primary schoolers are supposed to find “food” for Snorlax, who eats 400kg of food.


Whoever has the amount of food closest to 400kg wins! They were freaking out trying to add up the numbers. But definitely not too bad after I allowed them to use calculators.


And then that ends our celebration that weekend night.


Then we continued with playground and water play on another day!


It’s always nice to see them enjoying themselves so much.


From running, to climbing, or just lying on the pool of water.


Or simply just getting sprayed by water!


The day ended with the free Swensen ice cream on his birthday!

Happy Birthday, my little cutie!