A Bunny Bookmark

What? What is a bookmark, mummy?

That was her first reaction when she requested me to make something with her for her grandmother. Nowadays, with the introduction of eBooks, who knows, there might be a day where physical books doesn’t exist anymore. I do hope that the day wouldn’t come though. Anyway, I told her that I will show and explain it to her after we are done, and she agreed.

So here’s what I gathered:

  • An unwanted envelope (white)
  • A small piece of pink and black paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Double sided tape


Prepare the materials required and then cut a corner of the envelope out, with the width of the triangle about 3 to 4cm, so that the bookmark won’t fall off easily.

Cut out the shapes for the eyes, nose etc. and paste it using glue or double sided tape. It was a late night activity, so I chose the latter for the cleanliness. Oops :p

That’s it! We are done!


I took her brother’s storybook and showed it to her how we can use a bookmark, and seriously the look on the face was priceless! It’s as if she saw some magic!

Now you see me…


Now you don’t!

Read more to your children if you can and start young, even if it’s just 1 to 2 books a day.

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