A Care & Share Birthday

Time really flies and little milo is 3 years old!
After days of preparations for a small celebration, glad that all went well, except for the decorations which mommy could have done better. Nonetheless at least the cake is up!


I still remember the day I was going to deliver little milo, there were 2 other April mummies with me too (so nice to know them!). And one of them was in the other waiting room. I came in first but my gynae had to attend to another emergency, thus in the end the other mummy gave birth to her baby first.

During that whole morning and afternoon of waiting, it wasn’t as smooth as little milkie’s. There was a period where the heart rate of the baby increased but yet the nurses never mentioned anything and the next thing, I was given oxygen! And then came evening when the gynae came and said that little milo can come out already. The moment little milo came out, my gynae said, “You silly boy, why get yourself entangled?”

That was when I realised that the umbilical cord probably went around his arms or legs and thus when there’s contractions, it tightened around him and he was scare. Thankfully all was fine though little milo had to stay in the NICU for 12 hours before I get to see him.


Okay, 3 years has passed and now he’s a little cheeky naughty boy, who has finally starts to talk a bit more ever since he went to N1 in the same preschool as little milkie.

I bought him a little care bear for Christmas last year and probably because of that, he chose the care bears when I asked him to choose his birthday theme this year.

The theme wasn’t as easy as I thought since it’s not trending now. Initially I ordered some care bear figurines from Taobao and they ended up in the wrong colours!


I was so disappointed but I was determined to find these figurines as I simply don’t have the time to make them. So I bought another set from Qoo10 after checking the reviews but alas, it was in the wrong colours too…


I was so upset until I didn’t know what to do and that was 3 weeks before the celebration. I didn’t want to buy from online anymore but luckily, Toy ‘r’ Us was selling those mystery packs, with care bears in neon colours! Neon is better than wrong!


And since last weekend, I had my exams too, it was tough trying to make those preparations. I know, lessons learned:

  • Try not to buy things online unless it’s a lot cheaper and/or the reviews are really good
  • Do not expect too much from things bought online
  • Plan and do things EARLY
  • NEVER EVER give up!

We played a simple treasure hunt too, requested by little milkie and she definitely had fun eating all the goodies (when I am not looking)!

Anyway, am always thankful for the help that my big family had given. It’s great to stay together and near to each other and hope it stays that way.


Am also thankful for the joy that little milkie and milo had brought into our life.


Lastly, a big thank you for all the presents and ang baos! Great food, happy kids, beautiful day! It’s a care bear day so let’s start caring and sharing!


P/S: Love you and of course your sister too! ♡♡

If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. ~ H.G. Wells

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