A Frog is an Amphibian

It’s time for Show & Tell, and what are they learning now? Amphibians! And that’s just one of the topics. Children nowadays are learning things at quite an alarming rate compared to my time.

Well, I am so glad to be able to find a book on frogs from those hand-me-downs storybooks from friends and family (a million thanks for that) so that I don’t need to crack my brain on what to do for this topic for the Show & Tell.


Took a while to read and explain the lifecycle of a frog and some of the characteristics of it. It’s a very simple book with a sentence or two on each page, with pictures that should interest young readers.

We also made the origami frog but the steps are a little tricky for a 5 years old kid. Nonetheless it might be good to try, at least for the first few steps. As for the rest, the mummies or daddies will probably have to help. (Bonding time!)


Start with a square and fold it into half into a triangle. Then fold it into half again to become a smaller triangle. Open one side of the triangle and fold it down to make a square. Repeat for the triangle at the back.

This step is actually a common step for making a lot of origami. Would be good if the child can pick this up. Milkie still couldn’t get the idea yet and I had to guide her quite a bit.


Following that, move the triangle on the right to the middle and open it, after that, press it down (align the line in the middle). Repeat for all 4 sides.


From the last step, fold the 2 sides and align it in the middle. This step is only done to create the crease so that it can be folded easily after that. Open it, pull out the horizontal area and fold into the 2nd picture as shown.

Then fold the 2 sides along the middle again and repeat for 4 sides.


Then fold the legs up for both front and back, left and right…


… and fold down the tip to make the head and it’s complete!

In fact, this is almost exactly the same step you would do for a crane, except this is from the side only and looks 2D, but for a crane, you’ve got the wings!

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