Life can be amazing at times. I could still remember those times where I joked around, telling my friends that I will call my children after my favourite drinks, “Milk” and “Milo” because it rhymes so well. And I was really blessed, to have a baby girl, followed by a baby boy, whom I called little milk(ie) and little milo.

Almost 2 years had passed since I became a mother of two. It hasn’t been easy, to juggle between work and family, and to divide the attention between the children. It took me a while before I realised that the children are growing up fast! Thereafter, I started to spend more time with them, and the joy, fun and laughter that one experiences from it, is definitely worth more than anything in the world.


I’ve build this little world of Milk & Milo, to fill it with memories and adventures that we have created and shared. At the same time, we hope to encourage bonding, between parents and children, to explore together.


Milk & Milo, is dedicated to our cuties, little milkie and little milo. Thank you so much for coming into our life.

Love Lots, Mila & Sora