C is for Crab

After all the parties and goodies, it’s back to the normal routine! Almost.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your Chinese New Year as much as we did. Milkie definitely enjoyed the food, so much so that she is starting to cough now, although I did try to control it whenever I’m around.

With the major celebrations over, it’s time to do some cutting and pasting, at our leisure time, to slow down our mind! Focus. Relax. Breathe. Cut! (do it slowly – this not a competition)


It’s not that easy, I would say, to get a kid to cut properly but practise makes perfect. She did complain a few times for cutting it out of shape and what I did is to keep on encouraging her. Encouragement is important.


And with a little pasting here and there. We are done! *LOL*


A very simple exercise for the mind and hands after so much excitement for the past few days. Get it from here if you want some quick peace and quiet too. ^^

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