Caddie the Cat & its House

And so that’s it, it’s Sunday and its the last day of the school holidays, did you have fun?

Oh yeah! You bet! We had tons of fun though its a bit tiring. Nonetheless don’t forget to do your holiday assignment if you’ve got any, for tomorrow is time to head back to school! (Aw…)

We managed to finish ours the day before. Here it is, presenting Caddie the Cat and its House for little milkie’s Show & Tell on animals!

Firstly, we made a cat using socks. What do you need?

  • A pair of socks
  • cotton stuffings for soft toys (can get from Daiso)
  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Threads
  • A pair of plastic eyes (stick-on)
  • Fabric marker


Turn one of the sock inside out and lay down flat as shown in the picture (top left). Using a fabric marker, draw the shape of the head of a cat out. Cut it out about 3-4mm away and along the lines.

Next, using a needle and thread, sew on the marked lines along the ears of the cat. And then for the bottom of the neck, sew half of it before turning outside in again (bottom right).


Now, start “feeding” the cat until its big and fat!


Once the stuffing is done, sew up the gap and then start to make the face of the cat. I use the adhesive stick-on eyes from Daiso. The nose was a cut-out from felt cloth which was then pasted on using craft glue. For the whiskers, I sew it. There we go, 1 down, 2 more to go.


Next up, the body! Similarly, for the body, using another sock, turn the inside out and draw the shape of the body using the fabric marker. Cut out and sew one side, and then leave a bit un-sew on the other side. Then turn it outside in and stuff the cotton!


Lastly, cut a small section of sock for the tail and there you go. 3 pieces – head, body and tail.

Attached the 3 pieces together and you get this!


Then we proceed to make house for it. Simple one, basically I took an old telephone box, wrap it with A4 coloured paper and I got little milkie to decorate it together.


After hours and hours of making, here’s how it looks like:


Caddie’s house! Yup! That’s the name little milkie gave. And this is the front of the house…


… and this is the inside! With a pillow, bowl of milk and balls of yarns!

Nice project theme for Show & Tell. Seems like the mommy is enjoying tons too!

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