Chinese New Year Decorations 2017

This Chinese New Year came really too fast! I hardly have time to think of how I wanted to decorate and it’s coming! Thankfully I’ve got wonderful peeps around me that helped me out here and there, and everywhere!

This is our Chinese New Year decorations along the corridor, an area where the lift lobby is. A long long time ago, 4 sisters decided to stay beside each other and thus the celebrations and decorations started for the joyous festival. Though tired, I am glad that I have this space to try out lots of things. Let’s see what we have this year.


A little rooster! How can we possibly do without a rooster in the Year of Rooster! The paper pompoms came right in time and since it’s so easy to make them, that was the only thing I could think of, to try and finish the decorations up in weeks. Pompoms were halved since I’m not hanging it. Eyes and beak were cut out from paper and taped to the little rooster. And I’ve got my Rooster Firecrackers and Ang Bao Lantern held by the little rooster! Of course, not forgetting the beautifully written Chinese couplets by a pretty and nice lady! ^^


Then we’ve got the Huat Huat Corner, wishing everyone a Huat Huat year, made up of an origami God of Fortune (not in picture) and my toilet roll roosters. My mom found it so cute that she requested me to do more of it. Below it, we’ve got a basket of golden eggs! These are made from plastic eggs covered with golden dust (using glue). But that’s not all! There’s a lucky number behind that red piece of paper attached to the egg! (Just for fun and I think nobody knows it yet)


Next, we’ve got the Great Tree, with lots of oranges! Let’s hope that everyone will continue to grow (and get promoted)…


… and with tons of HAPPINESS, LUCK and WEALTH!!!


Lastly, let’s wish everyone a prosperous and a Happy Chinese New Year ahead!

Again, a BIG thanks to those who have helped in one way or another! HUAT AH!

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