Colourful Hot Air Balloon

It’s not easy being parents nowadays. Not only do you have to care about their academic results, food that they eat, who to look after them, and what not, you have to also (and quite importantly) take note of their emotions! That’s the kind of things that some of those I know and I had been experiencing. It feels so much easier to be a parent at my parent’s generation, at least it feels like it. Not that they don’t do any of those but somewhat it just ain’t like what we are doing now… (parent volunteer, tuitions, and more tuitions)

Well, remember the last vehicle that I did for little Milo? That sister of his insisted that I do one with her too.


(Aw… … …)

And me, trying to be as fair as possible towards my M&M, simply had to oblige. So I told her that I will agree to it provided that she does most of the work and think of what she wants to make, since she is older.

She agreed and so here it is… A not-so-hot hot air balloon!


She picked out 12 pieces of coloured papers, with no repeating colours, while I grab the last piece of plastic cup (*phew*) and a thread.


There she goes, folding the paper into half. Then I cut out the shape of a half balloon and she proceeded to cut and paste the double sided tape on each piece and stick it together.


Meanwhile, I cut an equal length of thread and paste it around the inside of the cup in equal distance from each other.


Little milo was very busy too! He was busy tearing up those papers that we didn’t want. Oh, and tearing papers can actually improve motor skills!


After a loooong while, she’s finally done! Not really perfect but she tried her best and that’s more than enough.


There you go, care bear! Enjoy your trip!

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