Cotton + Cloud = Cotton Cloud

Inspired by many mothers around the world, I took out a bunch of cotton wool and put in front of the kids. It’s time for…


Oops, little milo, it’s not the time for morning facial routine. We are going to make cotton cloud now because C is for Cloud and Cotton! Right, I am still at C and am going at a very slow pace for my boy.

Yup, he definitely seem excited as I’m beginning to slowly let him get involved in some of the activities that the sister is doing. He quietly sat down beside the sister as I explained to them what they need to do.

Materials required:

  • A piece of paper or you can download one from here
  • A bunch of cotton wool/pads
  • Glue


Start by tearing up the cotton wool/pads into smaller pieces so that it doesn’t look too rigid. Milo took a short while to understand what he should do as I demo it to him. One just needs to be patience with younger kids.

Next, put the glue on the paper and paste the cotton wool. Remember, do not put the cotton wool on the glue stick itself. Milkie initially tried that and the surface of the glue ended up covered with the cotton wool. But it’s good that she did wrongly, so that I’ve got the chance to explain it to her.

Of course, this activity is probably more suitable for a toddler for a bit of sensory play and craft. For older kids, it will be just another activity to keep them occupied! Nonetheless, both of them are enjoying it!


Press the cotton wool a little to ensure that it sticks to the paper and then it’s completed!


Time to wash the hands clean (because of the glue) and moved on to the next activity!


After thoughts: I played a simple game with them just before we start another activity. Got them to each say a word starting with the letter C. Milo started first, and though he couldn’t really speak yet, I thought he said something that sounded like ‘cat’. Well, maybe he really is, who knows. Till next time!

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