Counting the Money

Okay, I admit that it probably is my problem but playing cashier kind of game (shops, buying and selling) for the past 4 years where everything cost either $1 or it’s free, can be quite boring at times. So since I have a little more time to spare yesterday, I decided to play the game with milkie, except that it’s not going to be that easy. And you know what, I thought I might as well use the real money to teach her how to count it!

So I went about printing and cutting out snippets of paper showing different amount. Then I brought out a bunch of coins and put in front of her.


Firstly I got her to sort the coins into groups. This was easy and she took only a while to sort it into groups but when I asked her which one is the $1, she pointed the 10¢ to me! Oops.

Anyway, I repeated quite a few times before she got all the names right. Then I went about showing her the paper and asking her to put the correct amount using the coins.


Took her a while to get it right and get the hang of it.


After this, we proceeded to the fun part. Role-playing!

She’s the cashier while I am the shopper. She proceeded with putting items up for sale.


And then I went to her shop to buy the items while she told me how much it cost. For the first round (yup,…), I acted as an old lady who has very poor vision and couldn’t count my money. So I asked the nice cashier to count for me. For the second round, we repeated the same thing and for this time, she did it without much help. For the last round, I made it a little bit more difficult by asking her to add the total cost up (of course it’s the simpler math).


Well what can I say? She definitely had fun, tons of it! And it looks like it’ll be our game for tonight too!

By the way, did I tell you what she aspires to be for these few months? A cashier.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them.” ~ Magic Johnson

And oh yes! M is for MONEY! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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