Creating Our Own Story Stage

Last year, I attended this seminar where they taught us to do some learning materials for the children. This is one of it where they got us to create different characters and a stage, so that we can use it to tell different stories based on our own imagination!

And so, after procrastinating it for the longest time, I drew some characters and printed them out!

Proudly brought to you by Milk & Milo: The Circus


Here’s the rest of the things that I’ve drawn, starting with the letter ‘C’. There’s the circus, Christmas tree, clown, chicken, cow, cat and children (that’s Milkie & Milo)!


We had fun taking turns telling a made-up story. Little milo did want to try but he ended up just telling me what those characters were although it all sounded the same other than ‘cat’ and ‘cow’. Fyi, he still doesn’t really know how to talk yet. Nonetheless he seems to be enjoying this activity a lot and was laughing all the way when his sister was telling a funny story.


Here’s the print-out if you want to try too. As for the stage, take a piece of A4 paper, fold it into half, and then on one side, fold it into halves again until you get the lines to make a zigzag.


Place it against a wall or otherwise use a heavier paper so that the ‘background’ is able to stand on its own.

Have fun!

One of our stories:

In the forest, there was a circus. In the circus, there’s a clown, a cow, a cat and a chicken. One day, the children came to watch the performance. And so the clown, cow, cat and chicken started performing their own show (little milo was definitely enjoying this part when the characters were ‘jumping’ and ‘flying’ around). The children enjoyed themselves and went home after that.

The End.

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