There we go! Our first craft activity in our advent calendar! I was so excited as I’ve wanted to try this out months ago, except that it wasn’t Christmas yet!

Anyway, there’s quite a list of materials to get:

  • Plastic disposable cups (explained in more details below)
  • Stapler
  • Lots & lots of staples
  • A sheet of black and orange paper each
  • Scotch tape & scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Scarf, hat, lights (optional)

Ah… cups. It depends on the size really. I tried out with 2 slightly different sizes. One bought from Giant, and that requires about 200 pieces for a ball. And the other I got from SKP, which requires 150 pieces. If you want a smaller head, you will have to get smaller cups or try to staples at different angle (which is more difficult). I chose plastic over paper cups because of the opacity and plastic cups don’t crush as easily.

Alright, so let’s begin!


For a start, staple the cups to form a circle. This will be the diameter of the ball. Put it on the floor or table while doing this so that it will be flat. After that, start stapling the cups on the second row and so on.

Once you finished and form a hemisphere, turn over and start stapling on the other side. But this time round, do not staple all the way to close it. Leave a hole so that it can sit on the floor.

Now, make another one of the same size or smaller for the head, leaving a hole too for one side. After you have finished, cut out 5 circles from the sheet of black paper for the eyes and buttons. Use the plastic cup to draw the circle before cutting, so that it is the same size as the mouth of the cup and you can easily glue the eyes onto the it.


Use the orange paper to create a cone for the nose and then you are ready!


Stack one ball over the other. Initially I had wanted to glue them together but I realised it just sit there nicely. So I only secure it with scotch tape.

Then start pasting the eyes, nose and buttons, and put the scarf and hat, and you are done!

The little ones can also partipate in this, such as…


… taking out the cups and passing it to you…(although it might be much faster if you take the whole stack of cups yourself)

… OR drawing/cutting the circles out from the black paper… (for older kids)


… OR sticking the eyes, nose and buttons onto the snowman…


… OR just by sticking around and finding a chance to smash things up when no one is looking… *LOL*

Anyway, the snowman is safe and it’s definitely glowing at night! I love this to bits, do you?


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