Decorate Easter Eggs with Stickers

With Easter Day coming in about a month, it’s time to start doing Easter Day’s crafts and activities! The mom had been a little sick for the past few days and still is, so let’s start off with something simpler – decorating plastic eggs with stickers! Yup, I don’t think I want to paint on real eggs yet for there will be a higher chance where the empty eggs will crack instead of get painted.


So what do you need? Plastic eggs. I’ve gotten those that can be opened so that I can put something inside for our treasure hunt later in the month. I bought these for 12 in a pack at one of the party supplies shop along Middle Road. Isn’t the colours nice?


And then I’ve got some washi tapes and small stickers that will be used for the decorating. There we go! Time to decorate!


Firstly, I paste the tape just above the opening, to let milkie knows clearly that she should not paste on or near the opening. She’s excited, of course, especially now that she had changed her Kindergarten into a Church Kindy, she learned about the story of Christ (at least that’s what I thought since she had been rambling about some parts of the story to me at times).

Well, that’s only at the start, after a while, you can see her face changing as it’s slightly challenging for her to peel off the very small stickers that I’ve bought. Nonetheless, she took up the challenge and managed to finish the first one!


And a few more after that… and the rest of it, with the help of her grandma, dad, aunt, younger brother and mom. It’s fun, to enjoy a simple activity with the whole family! Now, time for me to pack up quick, and get some good rest.

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