Disposable Plate Snow Globe

Alright, I know the Christmas is over but I’ve got one more activity to post! A disposable plate snow globe! No, it wasn’t my initial intention. I had wanted to do a real snow globe in glass but I couldn’t find the items that I bought so I had to come up with this at the last minute.

Looks like you probably can guess one of my new year resolutions! Yes, to tidy up my room! Shall not go into that so let’s talk about the paper globe. Here’s what you need to prepare.

Materials required:

  • 2 disposable plates
  • 1 clear plastic sheet
  • Shreds of paper cut into small pieces (for snow)
  • Coloured papers for the picture – I’ve created a penguin using black, white and yellow with a blue background
  • Double-sided tape (glue would be better)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors


Cut out a circle to be use as the background. The size should fit nicely onto the plate.

On another plate, cut out a circle in the middle of the plate. The size is the same as the previous circle.

Cut the clear sheet into a circle slightly bigger than the previous circle. Paste it onto the plate with the hole in the middle.


Cut out the shapes to make the pictures. Using double-sided tape or glue, paste the picture onto the background, and then onto the plate.

Put the small pieces of shredded paper into another plate. Using craft glue, paste the 2 plates together. Let it dry.


To make it nicer, there should be plenty of shredded paper. Using glue instead of double-sided tape would be better as the paper won’t go behind the picture.


There you go! I think it would look nice if there’s a few hanging on the wall. Can be use for other events too!

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