Dot the Letter ‘C’

So here we are, continuing with our letter C! It might seem easy but it is actually not, especially for toddlers who just learned how to hold a crayon (probably not even properly yet). I’m getting the children to dot in the letter ‘C’ today, within the white circles, using dot markers.


You can download the activity sheet from here.


I got Milkie to demo a little for her brother to see. Then I held Milo’s hand to dot on those circles (C is for Circle too!) for 2 rounds before I let him start dotting on his own. He did it fairly well although occasionally dotted it outside, which I had to remind him. This will actually help them to control their hands better.


Well, I thought it was an easy activity for the elder one, which indeed it was, so again, I didn’t take too much notice of her except asked her why she kept on dotting at the same circle, of which she replied with ‘I want to make it more colourful’.

It was until when I saw some ink on the floor before I realised that she had dotted too much until there’s a hole in the paper. Kids… somehow they still need to be guided. ^^

Great way to develop hand and eye coordination and motorskills!

UPDATED: A friend highlighted that I should not put “Alphabet ‘C'” as alphabet itself refers to a set of letters instead. Maybe I did know it somehow but guess it looks like I’ve forgotten about it as I wrote on. Nonetheless it’s a good reminder not just to me but to all of us. It’s always good to have friends there who will correct you 🙂

Can’t change the link anymore but will proceed to change the text in the printables! Would not want to teach the wrong things to other children.

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