Easter Treasure Hunt

Let’s see… I must have played at least 8 rounds of it yesterday, our Easter Treasure hunt, in the hot wind-less afternoon along the corridor outside of our house. Be prepared when you want to do this. I wasn’t and I thought it would be just one round of hiding, the kids search for it and I’m done. But who knows, they preferred the process compared to the end result!

Nonetheless it was fun and they enjoyed themselves other than getting a little too competitive at times.

So we started early in the morning, gathering the plastic eggs that we decorated weeks ago.


Then I asked the kids to randomly put the Pokemon characters (still the latest craze), that I bought, into the eggs.


And then it’s time to plant the eggs! We tried it in the living room once before we took it outside to the corridor. Do be careful and ensure that it’s safe outside if you were to do that though. And that your neighbours doesn’t mind.


So there’s 11 eggs in total. By right it’s 12. Milkie and I each planted 6 the night before in the house and we only managed to find 11 in the morning. Oops. I wonder who is the forgetful one!

Anyway, here’s some photos of the two kids playing. Milo is too young to understand and thus only join in the running around.


Treasure hunt is always something that I enjoyed for it actually trains the child to be more observant. And as more rounds are played, you can see the children getting smarter and finding more difficult spots. Definitely a nice game to play for the whole family!

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