Favourite Time of Christmas

At 8.30pm now, on Christmas day, here I am, sitting down in front of the TV, watching ‘Frozen’ on Channel 5, without any disturbance. *Phew*

Both kids had fallen asleep real early after 3 consecutive nights of celebrations. And it’s definitely not a norm for them, especially for little milkie. So for me to have such relaxing time is a luxury. But it doesn’t mean I ain’t tired because I am awake. Sleeping only 3 to 5 hours at max a day isn’t enough. Well, that happens when you had to buy that many presents, and you only do it at the last minute!

I couldn’t recall when it all started, that we decided to celebrate and buy gifts for each other in our big extended family, whom I called ‘The Village’, during Christmas. But it’s fun and everyone seems to be enjoying, especially the kids, so it continues on. This year, we had our usual celebration.

Early in the morning, my kids woke up to find their present from Santa, who came to put the presents under the Christmas tree while they were sleeping, if they are good boys and girls. (It’s good to let kids have some imagination)


And then we had a lunch get-together before heading back home to a living room full of presents!


The children were ecstatic of course! They couldn’t wait to unwrap their presents and it was so difficult to get them to take a photo before the action starts. But I did.


We had a slightly different practice this year. Since both older kids can recognise their names already, we decided to get them to search for their own presents. And when we said “Start”, it was all chaos…


We got them to find a corner of their own to put their presents to avoid it getting mixed up. And once all the presents had been distributed, their favourite time of Christmas came – the Unwrapping!

While little milkie had totally no problem at all, little milo was wandering around, probably wondering what is happening.


Nevertheless, we got him to sit down and try to open up his presents, with the help of little milkie, who was so enthusiastic in helping her little brother!


The easiest part is over. Now… where am I going to store the new toys, books and clothes? Looks like I will have to clean up to free more space.

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you’ve had an enjoyable time as much as I did!

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