Forming Sentences

To say that I wasn’t worried that little milkie, who is now in K1, and is still unable to read, would be a lie. Yet at the same time, I tried not to send her for any tuition class. So it seems like I would really have to step up a little bit more considering the fact that I only get to spend at most 2 hours of quality time with her on good weekdays.

It’s no wonder that quite a number of mummies that I know gave up on their full time job and instead became a stay at home mum in order to spend more time with their children.

Well, that option won’t be applicable for me so I will have to try and fully utilize on that few hours.

Printed out some words, that she learned previously, over the weekend and we did some exercises with it.


Forming sentences. Went through the words and then asked her to use it to form a sentence. We took turns to do this. If I create the sentence, then she will read it. She’s not really that good at it but I hope it’s a start!

As for little milo who had been hanging around probably wondering what we were doing, I only showed him 2 words and then after that asked him to point out the word that I said.


So how do you get your children to recognize the words and/or spell it out?

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