Here Comes Penny!

Wow! I’m so glad I made Penny the penguin out on time!! I didn’t really have much time to do it so I had to do something real simple. Took me about 2 hours to finish, with some little help from milkie.

Here’s the list of materials:

  • 1 sock (doesn’t matter old or new but it better be clean for hygiene purposes)
  • 1 piece of white felt (20cm by 20cm)
  • 2 black buttons (for eyes)
  • A small piece of orange felt
  • Needle and thread
  • Craft glue


And here is how I did it. Firstly, cut the sock 1″ above the ankle. If you prefer your penguin to be a little rounder and shorter, then use socks for females.

Get the help from your little ones and stuff the sock with polyester stuffing, which I bought it from Daiso. Fill it generously so that the penguin won’t look too thin.

Upon filling it fully, stitch up the end of the sock and close it. And then insert the needle at the middle of the base (bottom of the penguin), around 2cm away from the seam. Pinch the feet of the penguin and push the needle up so that it comes out from the top. Go round another time and secure it at the bottom. This is to create the feet of the penguin.


After that, use a thread to go round the penguin at a third from the top (depends on how big you want the head to be) to create the neck.


Cut out the tummy and the face from the white felt and stitch it to the body and head respectively. Alternatively you can use a craft glue to paste it on.


To make the flippers of the penguin, using the left over part of the sock, turn the sock inside out and stitch 2 “U”s from the end. The bigger the “U”, the bigger the flipper.

Cut about 2-3mm away from the stitches. Turn the sock inside out again and fill each flipper with the polyester stuffing. Stitch the flippers onto the body.

Next, paste the eyes and beak using the craft glue and then you are done!

Penny is ready to countdown to Christmas! Are you?


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