Life Cycle of a Mosquito

Mosquitoes. I could still remember the night, almost 16 years ago, where I sat at the door with my mom, waiting for the mosquitoes. You see, it was a rather new estate when we moved in, surrounded by trees. Then construction of buildings begun and soon we were surrounded by construction sites. Maybe the control wasn’t really tight then and also there wasn’t anything known as dengue fever, there were a lot of mosquitoes.

So one day, my mom decided to see how many mosquitoes there will be. That night we closed all the windows in the house, leaving only the door open. I sat down on the floor with my exercise book while my mum prepared a face towel. And there was a small plastic bag. Then, we began. Killing each and every mosquito as they flew in, and putting their dead body into the plastic bag. In about an hour plus or two, guess how many did we kill? Slightly pass 100!

Well, I’m glad though that I don’t get to experience such events thereafter. *LOL*

Anyway, I thought it would be good to teach the life cycle of a mosquito so I prepared these things.


Life Cycle of a Mosquito. From adult, to laying eggs (one by one) on the surface of the stagnant water, and then changing to a larva followed by pupa.

Then I got little milkie to paste it in order. Here’s the download.

We also did a craft using pipe cleaners with the following materials.


2 brown pipe cleaners, 1 white pipe cleaner, and 2 eyes with adhesive.


Cut the brown one to 3 x one-third + 1 x two-thirds, and the white one to 1 x one-third + 1 x two-thirds.

Start by using the white one-third, and roll from both ends towards the middle. Then paste the eyes on it. This will be the eyes of the mosquito.

To make the wings, take the other white one and fold both ends towards the middle, then twist it.


Then using the 3 short brown ones, twist it together in the middle. Fold the legs so that it could stand.

Lastly, put them all together by using the last pipe cleaner, go through the eyes and wings, and then go another round to secure it.

Then put the legs below and go another round. Fold the nose down a little and to make the body, fold the pipe cleaner into half and twist it. Done.


Remember to ensure that you are not unknowingly breeding mosquito!

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