Love Monsters

Coming back home right after work, with a kid pestering you to do some crafts with her the moment you stepped into the house, can be real tiring at times. But at the same time, I’m glad that she took an interest in doing crafts.

With Valentines’ Day coming soon, I decided to let her try something new. Using the yarn to make a Love Monster.

Here’s what you need:

  • Yarn
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Heart-shaped felt (for ‘antenna’ and feet)
  • A pair of eyes


Though I can use the pom pom tool, I asked her to use her small hand instead, simply by going round and round.

It was rather funny for it’s the first time she tried, and despite me telling her to go round the hand loosely, she pulled it a little too tight such that it was quite difficult to pull out.

Nonetheless, I managed to pull it out (of course!) and then using a short length of yarn, tie around the centre to make it a bundle. This is if you want to do a pom pom monster. If you want to make a hairy one, then tie half of it (instead of around, go through the middle).


I made the hairy one. So for the next step, I flipped over and cut it. The hair will be long so make sure to trim it so that it looks neater.

Then using a pipe cleaner, go around the twist it. Cut to the length desired and start pasting the eyes and what not, and it’s done!


Oooh… let’s see if I have the time to do more… ^^

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