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It’s Mothers’ Day tomorrow, so did you make anything for your mother? I’ve already received quite a number of cards and drawings from little milkie and now she’s asking if I’m going to make one for my mom. Well, what can I say… Of course I am! (Although right behind me, my mom was saying that she would prefer ang bao instead! *LOL*)

Anyway, I decided to make a ‘magic’ sliding card for my mom but alas, I’m a little short of one material and had to replace it with something else. So what do we need?


A piece of coloured paper, white paper, a card, transparency (which I couldn’t find and had to replace it with something softer), some markers, scissors and scotch tape.


I asked little milkie to draw a picture for me on the card. Then here’s what I did after that.


From the transparency, cut out the same size as the card. And then from the coloured paper, the same width as the card. Fold the coloured paper into half and paste double sided tapes on both sides. Now on one side, paste the card and the other, the transparency.


Fold it such that the transparency is on top of the picture and trace the outlines using the same colours. This will be the sliding card.


Now, to do the cover, cut out twice the size of the card + an additional 0.5cm to 1cm for pasting. Then on one side, cut out a window to show the picture.

Using the white paper, cut it to the size of the card with additional 0.5cm each on both side. Remember that the white paper must be able to fit into the coloured paper. So actually I would suggest that you cut the white paper first. Paste scotch tape on the top of both sides of the white paper. And then secure the coloured paper at the back.

The main thing is to let the white paper be in the middle of the transparency and the picture card so that when you slide the card fully in, you only get to see what is drawn on the transparency.


But when you pull the card out (not fully though), you will see the picture with colours!


As I’ve mentioned, use a transparency as it’s harder and won’t crumpled when you slide the card in and out. My sister did suggest to put a string behind the card to prevent the card from being pulled out fully. You can try and let me know if it works.

To all the mommies out there, YOU’VE DONE A GREAT JOB! Remember to take a break when you need one. *a pat on your shoulder*

So let’s wish all the mommies out there a Happy Mothers’ Day! ^^

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