Making an Ang Bao Lantern

Red packets (ang baos), one of the most useful thing during Chinese New Year that comes in all sorts of colours and designs nowadays – a great material for doing craft!

I was searching for it high and low, and my mum managed to dug out a stash of ang baos. Thankfully, I found enough red packets for me to make a lantern using the same design!

Materials required:

  • 30 red packets, preferably not the long type
  • Stapler
  • Staples


This is by far, one of the easiest lantern that I’ve made using red packets, with only stapler required.

So, gather all the 30 red packets and fold down the opening. Then on one side, fold the top left and right flap, and staple it in the middle to form a cone. Turn around and repeat. Each piece should look like the piece shown in the picture.

I’ve got a quality controller to help me check too!


After all 30 pieces are completed, start stapling the pieces together. Start by stapling 2 together, with the top of the cone meeting at the center.

After stapling 5 together side by side, staple the first and last piece together to form a complete circle.

Then continue stapling, forming a circle using 5 pieces until you finish the last piece to form the lantern.


The completed product!

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