Memory Card Game for Letter ‘C’

As one grows older, one tends to start to reminisce on the past. As I write this, I vividly remember those days when I was still a child, and playing memory card game with my mom or dad, using poker cards. I was quite good for my age, occasionally winning them though I’m not too sure if they had deliberately lost it to me (I hope not!).

Anyway, I decided to make these cards instead of using poker cards as I wanted to use it as pocket flash cards too! So I started drawing some simple pictures (for my own satisfaction), and paste it onto pocket-size cards before laminating it (Sometimes I feel I think I am too free).PicsArt_03-08-01.58.39

Here’s a picture of my letter C. Will post up the rest of it soon so here it is. Print it out and cut along the lines.


And then here’s the cards I used. Same size as those namecards and can be bought at Popular Bookstore. Paste the cut out pictures onto the cards and laminate it. Cut out after laminating. Make sure that the corners are rounded to avoid getting cut.


Then it’s time for play! Put the cards facing down. Each take a turn to open 2 cards, putting it back facing down if it’s different. If it’s the same, the person gets to have another turn.

I used these as flash cards when she was 3 and started playing memory game when little milkie turns 4. It’s been a year and I would say that she’s definitely getting better and better! Learning through play, that’s how learning should be!

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