Milkie’s Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Her long awaited 5th birthday is finally here as we had our small celebration last weekend! It wasn’t a well prepared one and her mommy did all these at the last minute. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed ourselves!


This year she requested for a Pokemon theme instead of the Care Bear theme, which the mom likes, but she had rejected twice already. (Looks like Care Bears are out for her.)

I got a bunch of balloons for her, just to be fair since I got one bunch for little milo too.


And then I prepared a little game for ALL… using ping pong balls which I drew into pokeballs using permanent markers!


Then using a big piece of canvas, I cut 4 different sizes of circles on it. The rules are simple.

  • There will be 3 teams – red, blue and yellow. This will be randomly chosen.
  • Each person will be given 3 chances to throw the ball.
  • The team with the highest points will win.
  • Each circle has a different point. 4 sizes, with the biggest only 1 point and the smallest at 4 points.
  • There is a line marked on the floor (different markings for adults and children). Players are required to stand behind

And so our game began! With tons of confusions, and laughter.

In the end, the yellow team won! It’s a tad sad that little milo wasn’t feeling well and thus never participated in the game.


We had our ice cream cake from Udders after that. It’s the shape of a pokeball. Other than the fact that we took a long while to finally manage to cut it, it’s a nice cake! (Though the aunties still prefer the real cake)


Lastly, and her favourite moment of all – opening of presents! Yup, she LOVES all of them and couldn’t wait to play with the toys!


And here’s a big THANK YOU for all the presents and the ang baos! So here’s a short clip of our small (and messy) celebrations:

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