Milo is 2!

How time flies!! Sounds familiar but that’s exactly how I felt everytime my little milkie and milo celebrated their birthday!


Milo is 2 this year and we had a simple Pocoyo birthday celebration for him. He sure was really happy to see his “Co” and friends around!


Without an oven around, the mommy decided to buy the strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves and put the Pocoyo characters that she had bought. But alas, she forgotten that this is not a butter cake nor covered with fondant, and Pocoyo and friends kept sinking down!


Nonetheless it didn’t stop little milo from wanting to eat the cake!!


We’ve also ordered some delicious food from our yummylicious Domino’s and Arnold’s! Gotcha! Yup, caught that little milkie trying to secretly popped in some popcorn chix from Domino’s before her grandma stops her! What to do? It’s just too tasty!


After a night of eating and crazy balloons popping (more for the older kids than him for he don’t seem to know what to do but the diy drop net works!), it’s back to the house for some fun shots with the balloons.

Happy Birthday, our Little Milo!

Stay Healthy, Happy & Cute!

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