Mini Chaotic Playdate 2016

I wasn’t planning on having any party or playdate for this Christmas as I foresee that I might be quite tied up this year. Nonetheless, as a friend had suggested it, I went along with the idea.

The day before the event, I was rushing to get the cupcakes done. My initial idea was to get little milkie to decorate it but then there wasn’t enough time as we were busy with something else. Other snacks weren’t prepared yet too. I didn’t even had any idea on what games to play! *GASP*

And so, I had an idea, a lazy one – let the kids decide what they want to do or eat. *LOL*

Little milkie had lots of fun though, while we picked up those snacks that she chose. I did forbid and change some of it to ‘minimize’ the sweetness or colourings. Ah, yes, I’m a mother who restricts her quite a bit when it comes to snacking. In the end, these was what we bought.


No fanciful presentation because *cough* I couldn’t find where I’ve kept it. (Lesson learned: You really can’t plan or do things at the last minute.)

Well, it seems like I am the only one affected for not doing a nice display, for the children were happily snacking away. At least I know both my kids were, with one kept giving me a 2 thumbs-up! I had to keep some of it to prevent him from finishing all of it.


And then we did some craft work subsequently – making Pokemon lanterns. It’s not difficult. I simply took out those ready made round lanterns that I bought earlier on, cut the shapes out from coloured papers, put double sided tape at the back of each cut-out and asked the children to stick it on their own (with some help, of course).


That was it. For the rest of the time, they started to play with the toys while the adults catch up.




It was chaotic, I would say, but it was fun. And I’m happy to see the children enjoying themselves. Once in a while, everyone needs to take a break and simply play or relax, including children…

… and that makes me so want to do a slightly bigger and more organized ones for my friends next year! #2017resolutions #mustnotbelazy

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