Monsters! Run!!!

TGIF!! It’s been almost a week since the mom had fallen sick. And with that, the usual pace had slowed down even further! I had to reject the little girl a few times this week as I simply doesn’t have the mood nor energy to accompany her in doing anything.

So you can imagine that excitement when I brought out a bunch of miscellaneous left over materials that I’ve retained from previous activities.


And since we are learning on letter M now, let’s make some monsters!!!


Cutting and cutting away. From the time where I handed a plastic scissors to her at the age of 3 to a real scissors a year later, I would say there is a great improvement in the way she cut! Keep it up!


Then there’s the pasting and yup, it’s all free play! Up to her to decide what she want the monsters to look like and most importantly, it doesn’t have to be perfect!


Little milo wasn’t idling either. After pasting the eyes (with a little help), he was tasked to style the hair of this monster! Look how serious he was!


Due to time constraint (mommy holds a full-time job), we only managed to complete 3. Nonetheless it’s fun enough! Sometimes it’s probably the company that matters.

Weather isn’t too good these days and I’ve heard quite a number of HFMD cases from friends as well as my child’s school. So do take care and remember to drink tons of water.

Have an enjoyable weekend!


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