Our Dream Catcher… Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight

The school holidays are finally here, so have you got anything planned?!

It’s been a tiring past week with me falling sick at the start, followed by little milkie and then her grandmother. Let’s hope everyone stays healthy and enjoy the school holidays from now on!

For a start, let’s make a dream catcher to get a goodnight sleep! Yeah, that’s what it was believed to do, to catch all the bad dreams so that you are left with good ones!

I told little milkie about this and she was super excited!

Here’s what we use:

  • A plastic cup
  • Thread or yarn
  • Some beads


Firstly, I cut off the top of the cup. Plastic ones would be a lot sturdier than paper ones. Then I tied a string around the circle with a loop, before going around to wrap it up.

I had wanted little milkie to try but it seems a little too difficult for her because the thread that I use was too thin. So you might opt for a thicker yarn if you want to.


Then I start to criss cross around the circle. By right for the actual ones, there should be some standard sequence but I thought well, let’s make one simpler one first? I’ll save the standard ones for another time.


Anyway, then I cut out 5 strings and tie it around the bottom, keeping a gap in between.


The threading of the beads then started. Milkie did try again but alas, looks like I’ll be the one doing it all. But I guess it doesn’t really matter. At least she had fun picking out the colours of the beads!

And then we were done shortly after!

Specifically chose the leaf, flower and heart shape for hope, faith and love!

Our here’s our dream catcher, hung at our window. Let’s wish for some sweet dreams tonight!

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