Paper Wall Art Christmas Tree

… And my mom kept asking, “When are you going to make the Christmas tree? Christmas is going to be over soon!”

Fear not. ‘Cos it’s here!

This year, I’m doing my Christmas tree using paper strips. Below are a few things you need:

  • Paper (preferably lighter weight kind, such as 80gsm)
  • Glue
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors

It’s not difficult. You just need lots of time and patience. So here’s how it’s being done.


Cut the paper into strips of 2cm in width. You can try with different size for different effect.

Fold, curl and stick the strips of paper into different shapes as shown in the picture. You can try to do a geometric ones if you like.

Following that, stick strips of paper together to form a long strip of paper so that you can stick to the wall to form the shape of the tree, in this case, a triangle. Use scotch tape to help you to get the shape you want as you twist and turn the strip of paper.

Slowly stick pieces of the shapes that you have created into the tree to fill it up.

In case you are wondering how I stick on the tree, here’s how it’s done.


Place the shape, flat and lightly, on the wall, then with a small piece of scotch tape, tape the top and bottom of the shape so that it will lay flat on the wall.

Once you are done, this will be how it looks like from afar.


Little milkie helped me to decorate the tree after that.


So that’s it. My Christmas tree for this year. Will probably put some Christmas lights after that. How does yours look like?


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