Penguin Christmas Card

It’s been quite a norm for me to get little milkie to make Christmas cards for her (big extended) family, and sometimes her friends (or her parents’). After all, isn’t it nice to receive a handmade Christmas card?

Since little milkie is 4 this year and had learned how to write ABCs, I wanted her to do Christmas cards that are slightly more difficult compared to the past 2 years, which is something like this (scribbling on pieces of paper):


So for this year, there’s no other better ideas that I could think of except making penguin Christmas cards with simple shapes in a not so messy way.

Here’s what you need (to make 9):

  • 3 sheets of black colour paper (100gsm)
  • 2 sheets of white colour paper
  • 1 sheet of yellow colour paper
  • Other colour paper of your choice to make the hats and scarf
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Black marker

If you realise, I never use glue this time round and instead use the double sided tape. Firstly, its not as messy and secondly, it can train her motor skills (to peel off the back of the tape), and lastly, she can focus more on how she wants to paste the eyes and what not, and not grumbling about her sticky fingers.


First step, cut out all the shapes.

  • Body – black paper, trace with a CD
  • Tummy – white paper, trace with the inner of a roll of scotch tape. You can try with toy plates too or any of that size
  • Eyes – white paper, new $1 coin
  • Flippers – black paper, an oval shape. I trace out using one of their toys. You can either do it freehand too!
  • Beak – yellow paper, small triangles
  • Hat – a triangle and a circle (5 cents coin)
  • Scarf – strip of paper, length around diameter of body


Paste double sided tape onto the back of all the shapes other than the body.


With the body as the base, start pasting the tummy onto the body. Following that, paste the eyes. And then the beak and flippers! Lastly, draw the eyes using a black marker and you are almost done!


Next, paste the hat…


… and the scarf, and write a simple greetings…


… and you are done! Little milkie realise that it wasn’t enough and so she requested for another 9 more. Looks like I will have to do midnight shift again. *LOL*

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