Penny in Winter Wonderland

It’s my favourite time of the year again and I am so busy preparing the activities for the advent calendar that I’ve created! This year, we will be counting down to Christmas with Penny the Penguin! But firstly, the advent calendar has to be up!

So here’s what I did for my advent calendar. A packet of origami paper bought from Daiso, and folded into boxes. All 25 of them, of course.


Then I cut out white paper circles and wrote the dates on it. I did try to put my brush lettering into good use but I think I will have to really brush up on that. But for now I guess this will do.


And then after pasting the numbers at the top of the box, put the slip of “notes” from Penny and closed it. Here’s how it looks like.


And then I clipped the boxes onto a brown string that I’ve stick on the wall, and I’m done! My advent calendar for 2016.


I’ve uploaded a copy of my advent calendar over here. You may want to download and have some fun countdowns with your children. Enjoy!

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