Perth Trip Day 1 @ Fremantle

The day has finally come after months of waiting! The kids were equally as excited as me, and it’s been a long time since a big group of us are going together! Furthermore it’s the first time that little milkie and little milo are taking the plane! So let’s start our little adventure!


Here we are, in Perth, and am very thankful that not much episodes happened on board the plane during the take-off (ear blocks), and it only happened when little milo saw his grandfather (my dad) and insisted that he carried him (which he always complied…). *phew*

Accommodation – Be Fremantle Serviced Apartments

We made our way to Fremantle where we will be staying at Be Fremantle Serviced Apartments for 2 nights. By the time we checked in, it was already 3pm. The staff was really friendly and helpful!


How’s the apartment? A very nice and comfortable 3 storey apartment with 3 bedrooms, and an extremely nice views! I would definitely recommend this place for those without young kids. As for those with toddlers, my only concern is the staircase so if you are alright with them climbing up and down the stairs, it sure is a good choice! The elders did complain on the need to climb up and down the stairs though. And oops, I got too excited and forgot to take pictures of the apartment, but it’s exactly the same as what was shown in their website here!

There are smaller apartments too so if you don’t need that many rooms, you may check out the website for other types. Internet is available too which is a great thing especially if you never subscribe to any data roaming.


But seriously, the scenery is so beautiful! And it’s so cooling! At about 19°C on average for the day and around 11°C at night so much so we had to switch on the heater at night!

Anyway we dropped our luggage and took a walk to Cicerello’s for our late lunch.

Restaurant – Cicerello’s

There were quite a number of restaurants along the stretch on Mews Road but we decided on Cicerello’s because of the great reviews online and recommendations from friends.


They’ve got some cups of crayons and colouring papers at the side of the restaurants to keep the children occupied. And then its time for the food!


We ordered their premium fish…


… And the traditional fish and chips…


… And some curry fish with rice. DELICIOUS! The fish is so fresh and the batter isn’t too thick! Let’s put it this way, both milkie and milo doesn’t eat fish back at home but both of them love it and kept asking for more!

And I love their fries too!


On our way back to collect the cars, we saw the sunset. Isn’t it beautiful? For some reasons, the sky seems to have more colours…

Shopping – South Fremantle Shopping Centre

We took a drive around the nearby area and managed to find a small supermarket that was still open at 7pm on a Sunday. Gosh, it wasn’t that easy as most of them closed by 6pm. So it’s better to do some checking and planning if you intend to have some late night shopping or eating.

And wow… I was amazed at how even the fruits looked so fresh as it looked so vibrant in the photos that I took!


And there’s definitely lots of organic food. Even the popcorn is organic and tasted really nice too! Too bad I didn’t manage to buy some back…


That was more or less the end of our first day. And definitely looking towards the rest of the week!

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