Perth Trip Day 3 @ Bunbury

After staying for 2 nights at the very nice serviced apartments, it’s time to check out and go SOUTH!


The check out time was around 10am, and so we all woke up early to a bright blue sky again. It was really cold, probably around 12°C or maybe it’s because we still haven’t gotten used to such wonderful weather yet.


So bit by bit, we loaded our luggage into the car and then we are off to our next destination – Margaret River but for today, we will stopover at Bunbury for a short while!


It was a little cloudy today with the clouds looking like cotton balls. I thought it looks quite nice.


The journey to the south required an hour or so but thankfully there are public toilets along the freeway. Do look out for the signs along the road though, otherwise if you missed it, it might be a distance before there is another one.

I was rather surprise for one thing, that the public toilet seems rather clean with no smell. Was it because of the people? Or is there some cleaners whom I don’t see? Or has it got to do with the weather?


Anyway, we didn’t waste much time and continued our journey, finally reaching the Bunbury town where we were greeted by rows of houses along the river. Nice!


And then we parked our cars…


… before we started walking around, exploring. It seems like a smaller town, I would say. There wasn’t much people walking around. Or maybe not in this part of the town at this time of the day. We were at Blair Street.

Restaurant – Wah Sing Chinese Restaurant

After walking for a while, we decided to eat some chinese food, after all, the older generations are more used to that. So we decided and enter this restaurant that doesn’t look appealing at all.

It wasn’t some fanciful restaurant, just a small one with red doors. We were greeted by a friendly waitress and she kindly took our orders.


I wouldn’t say that the food was delicious but neither was it awful. Nonetheless if you ever want to try it, I would suggest that you go for their rice instead of noodle. I took their honey chicken with fried rice and it tasted really nice. Feedback from my aunties and uncles was the same!


After having our lunch, we took a walk around. I especially love all those drawings that the people did on the power box, walls etc. Aren’t they creative? And isn’t it beautiful??

Shopping – Bunbury Farmers Market

We proceeded to the next place which is about 10 minutes drive from where we were – the Bunbury Farmers Market. Well, we had planned for a BBQ at night so it was time to buy some ingredients. And wow… that was when I realised that was where all the people were!


And its a double WOW when I saw the vibrant colours of the vegetables and fruits!!


Each piece of vegetable/fruit looks flawlessly beautiful, a sight which you can’t see in Singapore.


Milkie managed to grab her favourites – the Mushroom!


While Milo was happily drinking his milk.


We left the market after having a wonderful time shopping for the ingredients. It was drizzling by then. Thankfully it wasn’t that heavy!

Accommodation – Acacia Chalets

By the time we reached our accommodation, it was dark, and that was around 6pm. What makes it worse was that it was raining still and these chalets were in the middle of the forests.

There were 4 chalets and we booked them all. You can check it out here. We followed the instructions, via email sent from the owner, and proceeded to open the 3 chalets that were nearer to each other. It was rather difficult to navigate as there wasn’t any lights except from the headlights of the cars.

Something to take note when you are travelling here as its not advisable to reach so late. The sky turns dark around 5.30pm (we were late because of the shopping, oops).

Well, it took us a while before we managed to got into Chalet 4, which was the biggest of all! But… there’s no covered porch and we had to quickly dashed through the rain in the cold!


And what awaited us was a big living room and nice cosy beds!


I managed to take some photos before we unloaded our stuffs. We checked through the drawers and was surprised that a lot of things are available!


And they even had a fireplace! For REAL!!


Initially we thought that there wasn’t any heater and we will have to really burn the woods. Luckily we found out later that they did have the electric blanket!

It would be a very nice experience though, if you don’t have any young children.

Just FYI, the other chalets were equally nice too!


A few of us proceeded out to the supermarket to get some wine after that. If you love to drink, you will love this place…

Anyway, it was pitch dark by the time we went back. We drove a little slower than usual as there wasn’t any street lights. We wouldn’t want to accidentally hit anyone or any animals! Did I mention, sadly, that we saw dead animals along the freeway? 🙁


So then, it was time for BBQ! While the aunties were whipping up some carbo food…


The 3 children were having tons of fun running around outside in the cold…


And the “chefs” were busy barbequing! The food? FRESH AND DELICIOUS! Thanks to the hard work of our chefs! And also the farmers who tirelessly grow the vegetables and raise the animals!

It really was a very great experience, to BBQ in the cold where you actually don’t feel that cold around the BBQ pit.

It was pitch dark outside and we had no idea how the surroundings of the chalets looked like. It also took a while for the others to walk back in the dark so remember to bring torch lights or install an app in your phone.

Anyway, after we had all taken our fill, we packed up and went to sleep. Can’t wait for the sun to come up…

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