Perth Trip Day 4 @ Margaret River

On the 4th day of our trip, we are going to tour around Margaret River!


It was early in the morning at around 7am, we took a walk outside to see the surroundings after only reaching the Acacia Chalets in the late evening yesterday.


Goodness! It was freezing cold, as we quickly ran back into the chalet to grab our jackets. Nonetheless the surrounding was really nice and quiet!


There’s also a bucket of wood for the fireplace!


We also got to see the lake behind the chalets. It was pitch dark yesterday and so was totally impossible to see anything.


Little milo, who is more of a morning person, also woke up to join us in our morning exploration! We didn’t spend too much on that and proceeded to prepare to go out for the day. After all, the day is short!

Shopping – Margaret River Dairy Company

Our first visit was to the Margaret River Dairy Company. It just opened for the day and we were their first customers!


There were quite a varities of cheese for tasting. I personally find the one with chilli rather nice.


The children were of course really happy and eventually, requested for yogurt. There wasn’t any tasting for ice cream nor yogurt though. But it was alright.


We stayed for a while, bought our cheeses and proceeded to the next place, which wasn’t planned. But since it was on the way, we stopped over and took a look.

Shopping – Margaret River Nuts & Cereal

It was the nuts and cereal company. But oops, I was so attracted by the big field outside where they all started playing football! While the elders stay inside and bought tons of nuts. It wasn’t very big either.


It was indeed really nice to run with such nice weather. We didn’t even perspire!


And what’s more? They’ve got a playground beside too! I particularly love the idea of having something for the children to play at almost every restaurant or shopping area!


And I also realised something. It was totally not suitable to let young children wear light coloured clothing when one will expect playgrounds. And non-waterproof shoes, or should I say, velvet furry shoes. We had to clean milo’s shoes up after that as it got wet due to the morning dew and dirty when the sand from the playground stick to it.


And looked what we found…


Shopping – Margaret River Chocolate Factory

By far, the chocolate factory was the biggest of all. It even had a cafe inside too!


There were some samples available and of course, would little milkie ever gave up that chance? It was the first place she ran to (again and again) after knowing it.


There were a lot of different kinds of chocolates. I bought the one in gold packaging, which is 70% dark chocolate. NICE!


It sure was party for little milkie as she knew that we were less strict on her when we are holidaying.

Restaurant – Cheeky Monkey

Then it was time for lunch. And we planned to eat at Cheeky Monkey!


It was in the least bit, cheeky but WOW… we were all so attracted to the garden area right behind the restaurant.


But firstly, let’s proceed to eat something!


It was very spacious with 2 different dining area though one seems more like for drinking.


We ordered a pork…


… and fish and chips (for kids meal), which came with some colouring books and crayons.


There’s also a varieties of pizzas, which tasted delicious!


I like this one but I don’t really know the name of it for all the names look so complicated.


And this is my FAVOURITE!


After our lunch, we proceeded outside and I tooked some amazing photos.


But it started to drizzle and we had to quickly make our way in and out to our car.

Shopping – Cullen Winery & Vasse Felix

We then proceeded to taste some wines! The first was Cullen Winery.


And the other one was Vasse Felix.


There were some nice wines at both wineries. And we were greeted by friendly staff. But since there were only a few drinkers (minus away the drivers), we only went for 2 wineries and went for our last food adventure!

Shopping – The Berry Farm

Our last destination, The Berry Farm, was situated quite a distance from the rest. We planned for this place as the grannies all love jams!


It was a big place with different areas. There was a playground too but since it was wet (still drizzling), I didn’t tell the kids about it.


There’s also a small corner for the children to play tic-tac-toe!


Finally, we ended our food shopping at 4.30pm. That’s the time where The Berry Farm closes. Tiring? You bet! But I still needed my dinner!

Restaurant – Sushi Master & DancinWok

This place wasn’t planned. We had wanted to try out at Settlers Tavern. But after surveying the place, it doesn’t seem suitable and so we crossed the road and popped into this small restaurant.


It was a restaurant selling different kinds of asian cuisine.


I took the bento, not too bad a choice. Remember, try not to choose noodle-related if you are not a risk taker!


And we’ve got little milo looking dearly at his godmum… because of her handphone… -.-”’

Nonethess I thought this photo looks nice.

Shopping – Coles Supermarket

Marketing is quite fun in Perth. Other than the delicious looking fruits and vegetables, there’s a lot of other food which you won’t find it in Singapore.


And little milkie loves this supermarket because there is a trolley for children! Do you have any idea if there is such small ones in the supermarket in Singapore?


This boy loooooves it too! As he spent the whole night pushing and running around while I ran behind him. It’s quite a workout I would say.

And that was the end of the day as we all went back and drove really carefully back to the chalets. Thankfully we did for a kangaroo suddenly appeared at the side. Then for the rest of the night, we began to pack for the next day…

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