Perth Trip Day 5 @ Busselton

Okay, I might be taking a tad too long to update but there simply are TOO many photos, and it really took a while to sort it out!

So let’s pick up from where we left off and we are now at Day 5! The day we leave Margaret River for Perth City while enjoying quite a bit at Busselton…


It was a bright and sunny morning, unlike day 4 where it rained almost for the whole day.

Accommodation – Acacia Chalets (cont’d)


I sneaked out from the house leaving some of the things unpacked and quickly took some photos before we leave this place. Honestly, I haven’t really taken a good look since our arrival because it was either dark or we were rushing out!


And guess what, just beside the house, there actually is a shed where they chops and cuts the logs!


This is the entrance to the chalets where it was split. Chalet 1 and 2 are smaller. Chalet 3 has one more bedroom. And chalet 4 is the biggest of all!


Can you see those vapours or mist coming out from the bushes? And we were all breathing ‘smoke’ out! You can imagine how amaze those kids are!


Here’s our one and only family photo in Perth. And see those new jackets that little milkie and milo were wearing? We bought it at Target @ Margaret River, at a very good price! And thats the hats that I bought from Daiso with added pom pom balls to make it cuter.


And here’s a shot of Chalet 4, where the garage cannot be opened. So the car is to be parked outside. The only downside to that only happens when it rains and there’s no shelter.

Lastly, if I haven’t mentioned in my previous blog, bring a torch. Otherwise it is a really nice place to stay!

Attractions – Busselton Jetty

Wow! That was little milkie’s first reaction when she saw the big playground.


And she immediately went to sit on her favourite – the swing.


And not only do they have that, they have the one where a group of children can sit on it! Just one look at them and you’ll know how much they are enjoying themselves! Especially little milo who hardly sit on swings. Little milkie did mention that she don’t see a lot of swings back at home. I agreed too and I wondered why…


It took a while before we finally convinced the kids to leave the playground.


And what awaits us was the really blue skies and the really blue sea!


There’s also the extremely bright sun so remember to wear your sunglasses!


We then proceeded to walk to the Busselton Jetty where we realised that we actually had to take a train out. And the whole to-and-fro journey will take about 45 minutes!

It’s too bad that we just missed the train and will have to wait quite a while. But time doesn’t allow us since we will be travelling up north today and wouldn’t want to reach that place after dark.


And so we took a few nice photos…


From this angle…


Before we went for our early lunch…

Restaurant – The Goose

We did our homework and lots of people gave a very good comment for this. And since we’ve travelled that far, of course we are going to try it!


The interior was nice and simple and the staffs were really friendly. It seriously wasn’t that easy to accommodate 22 of us but so far throughout our holiday, all those restaurants that we went, left a rather good impression (for me at least).


Here’s little milkie and milo, while waiting for their food. I guess for a holiday as such, the children would probably be more cranky. That is definitely true for little milo, who didn’t get enough sleep at times.


Anyway, presenting the dishes!


Delicious salmon and beautiful cake(s) which I can’t resist.


Little milkie had fun cutting her pizza too!


And that was the amount of food that we ordered, with the portion so big, the fish so fresh, and I missed the food there!


THUMBS UP! But oh yes, just FYI too, the price is slightly, just slightly more pricey than the norms. For that quality, I think it’s perfectly alright.


And then after a nice meal, we took a walk down at the beach.


It was noon by then and the sun was quite scorching. Would be good to wear shades and cap so that you can see the beautiful sea instead of trying hard to keep your eyes open! Well, naughty little milo simply refused to wear his…


It definitely was nice to walk on this beach, with the sand so fine and filled with seashells! I remember only seeing it when I was a child. Nowadays if I go to East Coast Park, sadly, I can hardly find much.

Shopping – Kmart Eaton Fair

This was a last minute stopover as we decided to go for a shorter drive for now to change to the 2nd driver. It’s really tiring, I guess, for that few drivers so it’s really kudos to them!


This place wasn’t that far from Busselton. Just a small little shopping area but their Kmart was still huge.


We even had to lengthen our stay because we couldn’t finished buying the things we want!


By the time we left, it was only an hour plus before the sun started to set.


Well, we managed to reach our destination after dark. Though there was a hiccup where one car went missing, all was fine eventually! *Phew*


And I simply couldn’t help but mention the yummy kfc that we had for dinner! I wonder if you realised it, but the sauce for the whip potato doesn’t taste like those found 20 years ago. Today, I found it here, in Perth. *Happy*


We stayed in an Airbnb for the next 2 days. All of us in one place. A bit squeezy but definitely fun and an experience for the kids.

And just before they slept, they had a round of story- cum role-playing on my newly bought storybook (Snow White) that cost $4 only at Kmart.


Make a guess. Who is the poisonous apple?







Little milo!

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