Perth Trip Day 6 @ Pickering & Swan Valley

Finally, we are at our Day 6! And honestly speaking, I have no intention of going back home. It’s been so nice holidaying in Perth!


Attractions – The Fruit Corner

Day 6. We had big plans and so we left early in the morning. Where to? Pickering Brook. I had no idea why are the aunties so interested in picking fruits but since they requested for it, they got it!

I would say that we were quite lucky though. For it was almost the end of the season and it wasn’t really that easy to find one (any kind of fruits) that is in the area that we are. But somehow with some luck, I managed to find this place – The Fruit Corner.


We were definitely at the outskirts. Driving in the cold and the temperature just seems to get lower and lower as we drove into the woods.

We even slowed the car down at certain point when we saw that the road in front was foggy (afraid that it was the trees burning). Luckily it really was just the fog! Of course, it was 7°C! Little milo had to even use my scarf because it was so cold and he was trembling. We definitely weren’t expecting such low temperature!


We arrived at the fruit corner after a 45 minutes drive from near the city. It was a really simple place with very friendly bosses!


They kindly gave each of us an apple to try. Oh gosh. I am seriously telling you that I had never tasted such fresh, juicy and SWEET green apple!


I guess the happiest one was little milo for he was chewing on it for the longest time. And will scream at anyone who attempted to take it away or adjust for him.


And then we proceeded to pick the fruits. As I’ve mentioned, it was almost the end of the season so the trees weren’t full of apples. Nonetheless the sight was still beautiful! And the fruits are still as fresh!


Little milkie and milo sure had fun picking the apples! But a word of caution. Daddies and mommies, remember not to wear anything white. Do not be too ambitious and let the kids pick the fruits at the top. The dad ended up with a dirty white jacket when little milkie tried to pick the apple at the top and kicked her dad.


So after picking and picking, we got a whole lot in a pail, and so did our little milo!


The best thing of all, it wasn’t costly at all for such delicious apples. The aunties were of course really happy. It’s a nice place and must place to go if you want to try!

Restaurant – Red Rooster

With that, we proceeded for our next destination – Food. By then, the sun had already came up and it was getting rather hot.


We decided to go for the Red Rooster which happened to be on the way.


How was the food? Not too bad!


Except that I wasn’t a fan of green peas but otherwise, it was nice!


There’s quite a lot of branches so I think it would be quite easy to try it out if you want.

Attractions – Caversham Wildlife Park

We quickly drove and came to the Caversham Wildlife Park. The park where everyone says – You just need to go for this. If you need some information, you can look it up at their website.


Despite its winter, today, it’s a little hot in the afternoon.


We didn’t spend a lot of time on other animals for the main thing we came here for were the kangaroos and koala bears. And so we wasted no time on that!


It was an open area with kangaroos hopping around. I was glad that both of them weren’t scare and love to feed them. But at the same time, I was so afraid that they will accidentally fell or step on one of them!


There’s even a point where little milo was only inches from stepping onto its tail!


Overall, they had fun here and were so reluctant to go out. It’s a little smelly though. Otherwise you could spend a long time feeding the kangaroos with the food provided.


And then we also went to the section where they showcase some of their animals such as the wombat etc.


Do take note of the timing if you decided to visit this section. You can take photos with the wombat as well as the snake. Little milo seems more interested in the lady then the snake though. *LOL*


The koala bears were situated in another section of the park. There’s also a timing for photography section.


And after seeing all the animals, it’s time for a snack! Feeding time!


Shopping – The House of Honey

By the time we left the park, it was almost 4pm and so we hurried to the House of Honey at Swan Valley. There’s actually quite a number of shops in Swan Valley but as we were running out of time, we decided to only go for the honey which we didn’t get to go at Margaret River.


A small place with a nice resting area.


We managed to but quite a bit of items from there, from honey to sweets, to umbrella, and lastly, an ice cream with honey.

Happiest person? Little milkie.


Shopping – Watertown

This was our last stop for today and we didn’t have a lot of time left since most of the shops closed rather early. Here we are, at Watertown with all the outlets.


We had a quick dinner at Chinese Canton @ Watertown, and to my amazement, it actually tasted quite nice! I do wonder though, if its due to my hunger, or that I haven’t been eating normal chinese food, or that the food really tasted good.


Whatever the case, we had fun shopping till our legs break. And that marks the end of our Day 6 in Perth…

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