Pick a Carrot

When it comes to learning for the children, it really makes a difference when you make it slightly more interesting and fun for them. So let’s play a game!

I call this ‘Pick a Carrot’ (C is for Carrot), but in fact it’s just picking a card to see what is the question. I decided to do some simple arithmetic with her since I haven’t been doing that at all.


(counting the carrots)

I cut out the shape of a carrot with the leaves and pasted together before laminating them so that I can wipe off the questions and reuse it.


And then with an A3 paper, I cut slots to put the carrot in. At the back of the A3 paper, I did use tape to ensure that the paper wouldn’t tear that easily.


Simple addition was written at the bottom of the carrot for little milkie while numbers above the slot on the carrot is more for little milo to learn the numbers. Yeah, am trying to make one that both can use and learn! ^^


And so here we start! One by one she picked out the carrots and told me the answer happily. Definitely a great way to do some quick revision!


While I’m making this, little milkie made one for her little brother too. Count the numbers, that’s what she said. (Look closely at the numbers above the carrot)

Okay, that’s all for now.

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