Rooster Firecrackers

Firecrackers has always been used during Chinese New Year to scare away the evil spirits. Since we are unable to play with the real ones, we decided to make one (just for the fun of it). Luckily I’ve got a bored kid who kept asking me to let her help in the decorations. Firecrackers! That’s what I’m doing for today!

I remembered a long time ago, my mum used ang bro to make it but today, I’ll be using toilet rolls instead. Here’s the materials that I use:

  • 8 toilet rolls (if you want a longer firecrackers, you will need more)
  • Red, orange and yellow colour paper
  • A pair of craft eyes
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • One-hole puncher
  • Thick brown yarn (about 1m)
  • Gold pen


So gather up the materials, and then measure the width of the toilet roll. Cut out a piece of red colour paper with the same width so that you can wrap around the toilet roll. Secure it with a tape.


Next, since it’s the year of the rooster, I’ve created one rooster ‘firecracker’ with yellow colour paper, and shape cut-outs for the comb, beak and wattle. I’ve used those craft eyes to make it a little cuter so that the eyes can move. Oh yes, you can use this as a popper too! (See Party Poppers for Countdown to 2017 for the steps)

I’ve asked little Milkie to dot the red ones using gold pen, so that it doesn’t look as dull.


So here’s how it looks like, when everything is done! Or at least when the toilet rolls are all wrapped up.


Next, we need to string up all the toilet rolls. What I did is to punch 2 holes, opposite of each other, somewhere near the top. The using the thick brown yarn, string the toilet roll till the middle. Tie a loose knot over it.

String another roll into one side of the yarn, and using the two ends, tie another loose knot across. Continue till all the toilet rolls had been strung and I’m done!

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