Seal it With Love

Two more days and Valentines’ Day will be here! Milkie had been busy making bracelets for her gal friends in class. So I decided to help her make a few felt envelopes where she can put those bracelets inside.


What you need? Felt cloth, buttons and ribbons for decorations, some velcro and craft glue.


Firstly, cut a piece of rectangular size felt cloth ( about 10cm x 24cm). Fold it into half and cut a triangle out from one end. Unfold it and you will see an arrow-like shape.

Decorate it with ribbons and then fold about one third of the felt cloth. Sew the 2 sides.


Paste the velcro on the flap and the front of the envelope, and paste a button in front. Done!


Bracelets for the girls. What will the boys be getting? I have no idea yet. Shall see what she said tomorrow.

Anyway, goodnight! It’s a new week ahead! Press on, peeps!

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