Shake it with the Maracas!

Easter is over and we are back to learning some alphabets. And it makes me real motivated when little milo pointed out a letter C to me when we are out during the weekends!

So now, let’s move on to the letter M! Let’s start off and shake it with the MARACAS!

Yeah, I got inspired when I saw the empty Easter eggs lying around the house, and thus went to search on Google, and it looks like I’ve found exactly what I am looking for!


What do you need? Empty plastic eggs, 2 plastic disposable spoons, some coloured tapes and beads (or rice, beans etc.).


Firstly, fill the eggs with a handful of beads. You can experiment it with a few and lots of beads, close and shake it to listen to the difference. I did get little milo to put it in but it was a mess as he put his hand into the whole bottle and start stirring instead of grabbing only a handful… So do be careful if you have younger children especially those that will put anything and everything into the mouth.


Using the tape, paste it on the opening. Go around the eggs a few rounds to ensure that it’s secure.


Then put the egg in between the spoon as shown.


Tape around it to secure the spoons to the egg.


Secure the spoons at the bottom too with tapes so that it will stay together, and that’s it! Our Maracas! Time to start shaking!

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