Simple Sweet Hearts House

How did a planned gingerbread house (based on my advent calendar) become a sweet hearts house? Oops. Well, things happened and the busy mom simply had to improvise with whatever that she can get her hands on, quick.

So with the boxes I got from my masks, and those heart-shaped glitters (I’m so thankful for that), here’s what I did with these materials:

  • 2 empty boxes
  • 1 coloured paper (of your choice)
  • Decorations
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Make a paper house using the 2 boxes. I used one as the base, and cut the other one up for the roof and the 2 sides of the wall of the house.


After that, I told little milkie to draw and cut out the door and the windows on her own, of any size and shape. She did a not too bad job, drawing the door knob and dividing the window on her own.


And then the rest is all about decorating it with glittering hearts! And more hearts! The dad came in to join in the fun too!


Well, is this sweet? Little milkie said it reminded her of the candy house. For me, I guess the involvement of the parents is a lot more important than anything.

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