The Snowskin Mooncake

Wow! I can’t quite remember when was my last post! It had been a real busy month with an even busier month ahead! Time seems to have zoomed past…

But in spite of those, I managed to squeeze out some time to try making snowskin mooncake! It’s going to be my first time so I ain’t sure how will it turn out. Anyway, visited Phoon Huat during one of my lunch time and I realised that they had everything pre-mixed together!


Here’s what I bought from there:- Snow skin premix (that comes with the instructions), shortening and the paste. I bought the sugar free (for diabetes) white lotus paste since my parents and aunties doesn’t like it too sweet. Oh yes, though it says sugar free but there actually is some kind of sugar inside.


So after measuring out the ingredients, we proceeded with mixing it up based on the instructions on the packet. I only took a quarter of it to try out as I didn’t want the whole packet to go to waste if I made any mistake.


There she goes mixing it and it was horrible. Why? The instructions say to mix premix with water, then followed by the shortening and colours. Bad way. The shortening ended up took a long while to mix with the dough. And the colours doesn’t blend well either.


It took us a long while before we get to roll out the ready dough.

And here is our mooncake from our first attempt!


Cut it open and the grandma was like, “How can the skin be that thick?!”


Thus on another day, we tried again. And I am pretty sure we improved by tons! In case if you want the snowskin to be thin, weigh the dough to be around 15g, while the paste is about 26g to 30g. Mix the premix with shortening first, before the water and colouring. It will be a bliss!


Looks nice? Here’s our rabbit, dog and cow mooncake! Let’s hope I got the time to make the 12 zodiacs!

Cranwell Roadhouse @ Changi Beach Club Sports Complex

Time flies past and our long weekend has ended, so did you enjoy it? We sure did! It seems to be quite a while since we managed to catch up and spend time with friends and family.

Thus, on a hot Friday afternoon last week, we decided to chill out with friends at the Cranwell Roadhouse, a nice and cosy cafe situated at Changi Beach Club Sports Complex, owned by one of them.


The cafe isn’t big, and it isn’t those posh cafe. It’s a simple one with a children’s corner packed with toys, easel, slides, including a Wii! The kids were kept occupied for the whole afternoon, which means the mummies and daddies had time to chit chat!


For the longest time, I didn’t really have to worry where they ran to as I can see them clearly from where I sat.


And then we’ve got some simple yummy fingers food too! (Even the dinosaur was interested! :p) Combined it with a glass of ice cold beer, definitely a great place to chill out, even if there’s kids!


(In case if you are wondering if it’s burnt, it’s not. It’s charcoal pizza)


Outside of this cafe, there are a lot of facilities in this building, such as the tennis court, badminton court, bowling, billiards etc. And its very near to those Changi Chalets. So if you are looking out for some small bites in the area, you can pop by and grab some food or snacks. Opens at 10.30am and closes at 9pm.

Had a great time there meeting up with my friends and getting some rest! Hope to see you guys soon again! ^^

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HUH? Milo Dinosaur?!

Children are really cute and innocent. I was reading a book to the kids, titled “Tyrannosaurus Drip” last night. And after I finished, little milkie commented that she’s hungry. So I asked her if she wants a “Milo dinosaur”. She didn’t know what that was and asked how can a dinosaur be made of milo?!

And so I told her to wait in the living room while I took out her cup and the tin of milo…


Then I put 2 teaspoons of milo powder, followed by hot water and mixed it. Added normal water and ice cubes, and lastly, milo powder on top!


Tada! She gave me a ‘duh’ look before happily eating and drinking her new drink. It’s funny at times to see their face like that.

Long way to go girl! Expect the unexpected! *LOL*


Yummy? Yummy! I made one for myself late last night too! ^^

TGIF! ❤❤❤